Columbia 12 year old heading to NBA All Star weekend

By Mandy Mitchell (WISTV News) – Original Article

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – A Columbia 12 year old is getting ready for one exciting basketball weekend.

Perry Dozier, Jr. is one of only five boys who will travel to the NBA All Star game in Phoenix to take part in the Junior NBA Exhibition Game on Sunday.

And if he needs advice about what to expect, he can ask his older sister.

Luckily, there’s no sibling rivalry between Perry and Asia Dozier.

One thing that is hard to hide is the talent of this brother and sister duo. Perry is headed to Phoenix as part of the prestigious Junior NBA All Star Team, He was selected out of a batch of more than 800,000 applicants

“It means a lot to me. Out of 860 thousand kids. That’s a big accomplishment,” Dozier said.

Perhaps even bigger than that, his sister, Asia, made the girls team two years ago. She beat out 750,000 people. They are the first brother sister combo to ever achieve this

“From seeing Asia go there and everything they had planned I wanted to do this,” Perry Dozier, Sr. Said.

“It was a great experience. I got to meet a lot of talented NBA and WNBA players,” Asia said.

Asia helped her little brother with the application process. Each player has to write an essay and submit a video.

“When he went through the process of making the video, I helped,” Asia said.

Asia won the MVP award when she played in the game in 2006 and despite the lack of sibling rivalry, you can bet Perry will try to bring his own trophy back to Columbia.