Inside The MDC 12 And Under: Dozier Receives “The Stamp”

By Mike Melton ( – Original Article

During my tenure of covering basketball I have come across several players that I have given “The Stamp”. “The Stamp” is an approval that I give to a player that I feel has some serious potential and at least is a High Major Division 1 prospect. This weekend Perry Dozier Jr. has received “The Stamp” from Basketball Spotlight.

Other players that received “The Stamp” during their elementary years include Tyreke Evans (8th), Dexter Strickland (8th) and Mike Gilchrist (7th). Dozier got the nod after showing the capacity crowd all facets of his game. Special players have the innate ability to make others better, get a clean look anytime they want and just impact a game with their mere presence. This kid has all those tools.

Anybody in attendance that watched this kid play and understands the game knows actually what I’m talking about. He has the size, skill level and basketball IQ to go as far as he wants in this game. Young Fella, just keep working hard because you are just getting started.

Dozier Shines at 14U State Tourney

By – Original Article

Perry Dozier Jr. used the South Carolina 14 and Under State tourney as his personal showcase but the real problem is that he’s only 12. The smooth combo guard destroyed the competition off the dribble and pulled jump shots from the cheap seats. This youngster has poise beyond his years and the game that makes your mouth water. Dozier will be joining the Columbia Slammers at the Basketball Spotlight MDC. He’s regarded as the top 6th Grader in the country by a few scouting services and we will get to see first hand. Wow we can’t wait.