PJ Dozier: Young basketball star loves golf!

By Paul M. Swann – (www.OurTeeBox.com)

Clark Francis of hoopscoop.com ranks 12 yr old Perry “PJ” Dozier, Jr. the #1 sixth grade basketball player in the country. I called him for this piece and his comments were, “At his age, he plays his tail off. He can play inside or outside. He’s probably going to grow. And, he has great parents.”

So, why is Dozier, on a golf website?

Here’s why…I met Dozier, Jr. and his father Perry Dozier, Sr. playing golf at Northwoods Golf Course (a P.B. Dye layout that is a sponsor of this site) in Columbia, SC. I was playing by myself and they were playing a couple holes in front of me. They were keeping a good pace until some guy with a tank top (How did he get on the course in the first place?) and a playing partner asked them to play through, then proceeded to hit both of their balls in the woods and spend nearly ten minutes trying to find them.