Jr. All-American Camp comes to Atlanta

Source: courtcred.com

Before some of your top ranked players hit high school, there are many camps which are used to forecast whose next up. Tony Parker, Jordan Price, J-Mychael Reese, and Kyle Anderson all have something in common. Each of these guys participated in the invite only Junior All-American Camp during their middle school years.

This past weekend, founder Clay Dade has brought his camp downsouth to hotlanta to showcase a group of elite middle school ballers. This camp is invite only and Dade travels across the country to hand pick the cream of the crop 6-8th grade players.

One of the first things I noticed from looking at the rosters was that the camp did a great job of pulling talent from each region of the country. Camp participant Ryan Bay and his family traveled all the way from Portland, Oregon to attend. One parent said, “I was always told these camps are a waste of money but my son’s coach told us Jr. All-American is a must attend.”

Even though its way too early to tell which kids will turn out to be major high school prospects, Perry Dozier Jr. clearly stood out amongst all campers as the most polished. He pretty much had his way with anybody who dared to check him on the perimeter.

Some of the other players I liked were Ryan Bay, Dennis Shout, Ty Hudson, and Aaron Augustin. Overall, the camp seemed to be run very well with kids playing hard every possession. As you may know, we don’t do a lot of coverage of middle school events, but camps like Junior All-American are good forums for us to see whose got next.

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