Watch: PJ Dozier’s big dunk at NBA Draft Combine lands on SportsCenter Top 10

BY DWAYNE MCLEMORE – – Source Article

Watch as South Carolina guard P.J. Dozier slams home a dunk on Friday during the five-on-five action at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago.

The dunk ranked No. 4 on the ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 Plays for the day.

Dozier was 7-of-12 shooting for 15 points in Friday’s five-on-five game.


With PJ Dozier’s NBA Draft decision, he knew only one way to go


BY DWAYNE MCLEMORE – – Source Article

CHICAGO – It didn’t come to P.J. Dozier in a dream or from any one bit of advice from a person within his circle.

The decision was his, and his alone. On April 17, just four days after declaring for the NBA Draft with the caveat that he could come back to South Carolina, Dozier opted to sign with an agent and dive fully into the process.

Being completely invested was the only way to go for someone who describes himself as “an either-you’re-going-to-do-it-or-not kind-of guy.”

“It was really just on me,” Dozier said Thursday at the NBA Draft Combine. “I had my supporting cast, my family, my coaches. They allowed me to make my own decisions. They definitely helped me throughout the process and let me know how they felt about each decision that I was making.

“Ultimately, they left it up to me,” he said. “I was ready to be all in and try to make this next step.”

Dozier signed with BDA Sports Management, headed by agent Bill Duffy, and left Columbia the next day to begin training in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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